Freed from surveillance capitalism, De-Googled websites

Freed from surveillance capitalism, De-Googled websites

09.11.2020 (Amadeus) -

In recent years, we have integrated Google services such as Analytics, reCAPTCHA and YouTube in many of our customer projects.

There have always been customers who didn't want to be involved with the "data kraken" from San Jose and went their own ways.

The trend to get away from Google and Co. gains momentum. Surely because there are solid alternatives in reach.

  • Analytics: e.g. Matomo
  • reCAPTCHA: e.g. people friendly form puzzles (in-house development)
  • Maps: e.g. OpenStreetMap
  • YouTube: e.g. self-hosted HTML5 videos

By the way, not only Google is busy collecting and selling your data. Other companies and services, such as the popular social media sharing service AddThis, have also fallen into disrepute because of such practices. We have an alternative at hand (in-house development) for this as well.

We assist interested people with great pleasure to free their websites from the shackles of Google and Co.. Get in touch with us!