Not-cookbooks, Nazlı Develi

Not-cookbooks, Nazlı Develi

10.12.2020 (Amadeus) -

I have been eating raw vegan since 2010, so I almost exclusively consume uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

For most people, this probably sounds like living in abstinence at first. Of course not for me, especially since I am fully aware of the numerous health benefits of this primordial form of nutrition. But certainly also because my wife Mónica is an artist in the raw food kitchen. :) <3

For all those who are not - like me - blessed with a raw food chef as a partner, but who want to try something new and ultimately healthy, I would like to recommend the books by Nazlı Develi.

Nazlı is a one of a kind creative master raw food chef from Sweden. Her recipes are no doubt "gourmet". However, the ingredients remain recognizeable and enjoyable in their natural, unaltered state. With beautiful photos and easy to follow steps to recreate some of her most amazing meals and deserts, Nazlı's books are truly something very special.

Food image - sweets mini swiss roll
Food image - dehydrated-zucchini
Books from Nazlı Develi

Photographs: Nazlı Develi (gurmevegan)