World improvement, kubus mediaWorld improvement, kubus media

World improvement, kubus media

11.09.2017 (Amadeus) -

We have always been committed to making the world a better place.

As individuals with different perspectives and desires the first thing we had to accomplish was to agree on a common denominator.


  • Animals
  • People
  • Environment
  • Resources

In a further step, we defined a series of tangible and measurable actions for the four areas.

The actions are:


  • do not torture/oppress animals
  • do not kill animals
  • improve living conditions of animals


  • do not torture/oppress people
  • do not kill people
  • improve living conditions of people
  • promote independent thinking
  • promote self-confidence


  • cultivate enthusiasm
  • be loving
  • be supportive
  • be honest
  • spread joy
  • act considerately and respectfully
  • be sympathetic


  • recycle waste
  • share/re-use more items rather than purchasing them new
  • use recycled raw materials/products
  • reduce consumption of raw materials/products
  • purchase products from regions where they are produced in the most resource-efficient way